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OED: adj. 1956, v. 1987

Here's a December 1935 in The Bee-keepers' Record, "From a Yorkshire
Clod-Hopper, to John Hodge" (v.49-53, p.175):

That wad mack im about yam sick, so ower Ilkla' moor bar-tat wish un best
of luck at Ilkley Station, and when he landed back Martha wad be fare gob
smacked at the yarns he wad tell 'er about Yorkshire clod-hoppers.



Here's as much of the page as possible excavated and reconstructed from
Google Books:


And ammonshea reports a 1936:
The Daily Mail (Hull, Eng.) appears to have gobsmacked from 1 May 1936:
Feller le’aked gob-smacked: “What sall wa de’ar?” ee axesw tother chap.


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