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Warning: This message includes citations that refer to sex without consent.

VS referred to Purity Tests which some view as a measure of
achievement. There is a slang phrase that refers to the penetration of
the fundament as a form of conquest or achievement. The slang phrase
does not contain the word "boof", but it may be relevant in showing
the existence of a semantic niche. The phrase is similar to "Earning
one's wings".

Phrase: Earning one's brown wings

I heard this phrase in a news story circa 1990s, and I did not hear it
from a school-age peer. JL may have collected data on it, but it
probably fits under the entry for "wings" and the JL's Historical
Dictionary for American Slang did not release a volume containing "w".

The Partridge Dictionary of Slang has an entry tracing the expression
back to 1971. See the next citation for more information about the
early citation.

Year: 2013
Title: The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English
Editors: Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor
Edition: Second
Quote Page 311

[Begin excerpt]
brown wings   noun
experience of anal intercourse, or anal-oral sexual contact,
considered as an achievement US

Originally Hell's Angel usage; "brown" (the colour associated with the
anus) plus "wings" (badge of honour).

Most of the Frisco chapter earned their brown wings on this occasion.
It was some shindig! The queen never had it so good! --
Jamie Mandelkau, Buttons, p 101, 1971

But if you're the proud owner of an enormous penis and you still want
to get your brown wings, the way is not to ask, it's to do. --
GQ, p. 117, July 2001
[End excerpt]

Year: 2010
Book: Biker Gangs and Organized Crime
Author: Thomas Barker
Quote Page 98 and 99
Database: Google Books Preview

[Begin excerpt]
The books by Kaye and Mandelkau describe the early deviant lifestyle
common to the early Angels—drug taking, sex orgies, and drug dealing.
Buttons also relates the account of earning his "brown wings" through
the sodomy of a man observed by other Angels: he and a group of Angels
sodomized a “drag queen.” Others, particularly law enforcement, have
alluded to "brown wings"; however, recent works by Hells Angels
members say these rituals never existed. Nevertheless, according to
records released under the Freedom of Information Act, FBI agents in
their reports to Director J. Edgar Hoover described the Hells Angels
as drug addicts and homosexuals, supposedly because of such
[End excerpt]

Green’s Dictionary of Slang gives an earlier date of 1950s+.

[Begin excerpt]
brown wings (n.) [the ‘wings’ awarded to a qualified fighter pilot]
[1950s+] (orig. Hell’s Angels) hetero- or homosexual anilingus or anal
[End excerpt]

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