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Mark Peters  wrote:
> Anyone ever come across any history on the term "chicken stick"? It's a
> golf club used for playing it safe rather than going for glory--so
> definitely not a driver.

I have not explored "chicken stick" before. Here are two citations.
Golf commentator David Feherty used the slang expression in 1996.

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Date: 1996/04/25
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From: Terry Pierce <pie... at admin.son.uab.edu>
Subject: Re: Norman haters - Please explain

[Begin excerpt]
I like this quote.  Feherty has a great sense of humor.  I really
liked him on the CBS coverage of the BellSouth the week prior to the
Masters. In fact, the best line I've heard in a long time was when
Tolles (I think) was teeing off with a 2 iron, and DF says, "He's
going to hit the chicken stick".  Even McCord doesn't make me laugh
like that.
[End excerpt]

David Feherty was still using the expression in 1999.

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Date: 1999/02/18
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Subject: Re: A goal accomplished!

[Begin excerpt]
On Sunday, at the Buick tournament, someone hit a 2 iron off the tee.
David Feherty called it the Chicken Stick.
[End excerpt]

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