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Newspapers.com has examples of a Vaudeville act in the 1900-1910s called 
the "Dancing Fools" and later called "The Girl and the Dancing Fool."

In 1920 there was a film called "The Dancing Fool."

And in 1922 there was a hit song called "The Dancing Fool" (A song 
called "Hot Lips" was out at the same time).

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>i've stumbled on this formulaic expression in preparing a posting (it comes=
>  up in a song from the Broadway show "Once Upon a Mattress", a song sung by=
>  the Jester -- i.e., a fool), and started to track it down, but easy places=
>  on the net provided nothing useful, and (in my latest computer screwup) th=
>e OED is at least temporarily unavailable to me.  it isn't crucial to my po=
>sting, but my curiosity has been piquied...
>is there literature about the the history of this expression?  is there a h=
>istory of a larger usage "V-ing fool"?  (or are such occurrences parasitic =
>on "dancing fool"?)
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