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FWIW, I recall my father saying that my grandfather (born 1899) used to say that you could judge a man by his hands, meaning that someone who did physical labor was trustworthy. 

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> Or:  Young men shower at night, old men shower in the morning.
> Dave Hause
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>> I give examples of the "people who shower before/after work" distinction
>> going back to 1988, but I wouldn't be surprised if an ADS-Ler can beat that.
> _Seattle Daily Times_ 17 Aug 1976  p D1 col 1
> "Once again, suspense abounded over whether Barry would succumb to the temptations of television, a job where you take a shower before work instead of after, and sore feet are rarely a problem."
> [Discussion of whether Rick Barry would leave the NBA and take a television announcing job.]

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