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The letter "t" in US English is often spoken as ~d in the middle of words or glottalized (~ ' ) at the end of words (not so much in UK)

The VOA has a public domain Beginner's Dictionary of 1,500 words with no pronunciation guide.  I have added one with truespel phonetics which also shows these alternative pronunciations for "t" .    I believe no other dictionaries recognize this pronunciation fact, which I believe is more prevalent than not for "t" in US speech.  Also, the second half of the dictionary has the phonetic word first.  So you can look up "knee" under the sound ~n  ~nee instead of "k" "knee".  A needed thing I think.

Learn truespel in a few minutes  https://justpaste.it/truespelsimply   Truespel is free.  I believe truespel should be used for phonetics-first reading instruction as a far simpler approach than phonics, while it's based on phonics.  see https://justpaste.it/truetutorial

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Geoffrey's explanation here is accurate and appropriately thorough. To
elaborate slightly on his PPS: In his examples there, as well as in the
main discussion, the affected sound  also precedes an unaccented syllable.
And though my expertise is no match for his, I believe that this condition
applies in all those "other environments" as well.

On Wed, Aug 7, 2019, 5:52 AM Geoffrey Nathan <geoffnathan at wayne.edu> wrote:

> PPS There are a few other environments where flapping occurs that I have
> omitted, such as ‘capacity’, ‘positive’.
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