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Here is DARE's entry for slang-jang:

slang-jang n
chiefly Texas

See quots.

    1894 Kute Kooking Klub K.K.K. Cook Book 35 neTX, Slang Jang. One can of oysters, one can of tomatoes, one bottle of pickles, one bottle of pepper sauce, three onions sliced; salt and pepper to taste.
    1901 Commerce Jrl. (TX) 23 Aug [6]/2 (newspaperarchive.com), About fifteen couples enjoyed a “slang jang” party at Iceland Monday night, where dancing and music was had until a late hour. All report a most pleasant time with the “slang jang” as delicious.
    1906 DN 3.156 nwAR, Slang-jang. . . A kind of salad containing raw oysters, onions, pickles, peppers, etc. Texarkana.
    1915 Clearfield Progress (PA) 4 Nov 2/4 ceTX, Solicitor Cone Johnson . . recently admitted that he is the inventor of Texas . . “slang-jang.” He went hunting with a party at home here 15 years ago and the cook struck. . . Cone got so hungry he heated a kettle of water, uncanned beans, pickles, tongue, tomatoes, peas, mustard, indiscriminately, cooked it and ate it. . . “Slang-jang” is on the menu of every cafe in the southwest today.
    1974 Dallas Times Herald (TX) 12 July sec F 6/2, Everyone around Honey Grove has his own idea about what goes into Slang Jang, but Shirley’s is about the best formula I’ve sat at a table with.
    2000 DARE File—Internet TX, An original recipe was developed in Honey Grove during the 1920’s or 1930’s. It is called Slang Jang. . . It is a cold soup and served with crackers. People used to . . have Slang Jang suppers. . . There are several ways to make it with the main difference being the type of meat used. Some people prefer oysters and others like salmon or vienna sausage [plus tomatoes, pickles, onion, Tabasco sauce, salt, and pepper].
    2002 Ibid , Slang Jang. . . This is the southern equivalent of salsa. . . [Recipe includes tomato, celery ribs, bell pepper, onion, white vinegar, water, salt, sugar, whole dried chile.]

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This is an interesting little nugget. Although nominally a recipe into, it's a long yarn involving an eggcorn, both mythical and printed history, and a bit of evolution (of the recipe, not the term). One thing it's actually lacking is a precise recipe, although one is seen in a photo and another is linked. There's a reason for that. Slang Jang is more of a concept than a recipe, more "sloppy joe" than "tuna casserole". The difference seems to be that this is authentic folk cooking, not a box top or can label recipe promoted by a manufacturer in 1930s-70s.


The Takeout: Slang Jang was a family recipe I thought I hallucinated.

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