[Ads-l] Moniker Madness in Old Cordova

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1921 Cordova [Alaska] Daily Times (Apr. 16) 6:

In the following list of names, applied to well known characters of the
early days in the Yukon and in Alaska, old-timers in Cordova will probably
find many familiar soubriquets:

Tommy the Goat, Jimmy the Wheel, Tommy the Skunk, Swiftwater Bill, Policy
Bob, Sawdust King, Possible Straight Kid, Deal Mike, Slivers, Spider,
Brownie, Dutch Pete, The Big Moose, Little Reader, Weary Willie, Gypsy Joe,
Jimmie Craps, Jack the Ripper, White Sock Willie, Billy the Horse, Nigger
Jim, Bronco Bill, Bunch Grass Bill, Idaho Bill, Kamoka Bill, Windy Bill,
Dead Cinch Bill, Coon Skin Bill, Fatty Bill, Caribou Bill, Cherokee Bob,
Paganini Pete, Bristol Dick, Missouri Dick, Handsome Harry, Long Poke Dan,
Lucky Swede, Swede Sam, Swede Pete, Hoochino Albert, Arkansas Jim, Shorty
Butts, Ring Tail Squealer, Kangaroo Jew, Popcorn Jimmie, Cyclone Hanson,
Dead Eye Dick, Windy Bob, Pie Faced Patsy, Big Mitt Jack, Soapy Foley,
Soapy Smith, Jimmie the Mixer, Trilby Collins, Old Grizzly, Alabama, Twelve
to Two, Fifteen to Two, Johnnie Behind the Deuce, Slaughterhouse Mike,
Windy Rosie, Chill Dick, One -Suspender Johnnie, Society Jim, Jimmie Spare
Ribs, George the Arab, Tom the Turk, Pete the Pig, Fagan the Pig, Hard-Luck
Conley, Arizona Charlie, Policy Fred, Yukon Wonder, Dago Joe, Society Red,
California Red, One-Eyed Riley, Three-Fingered Bob, Windy Jim, Conversation
Clark, Rotten Egg Mike, Hunyadi Water Dave, Austrian Joe, Slim Jim, Cactus
Jim, The Big Native Son, Tommy the Rat, Puddin' Head, Oregon Jew, The Big
Chief, Curly Judd, Walla Walla Smith, Flying Dutchman, One-Armed Jake, Oom
Paul, Honest Mose, Peg-Legged Jack, Bill the Hop Fiend, Boozington Charlie,
Old Bilsy Blingtum, Billy Goat Judge, Hokey Pokey Smith, Senator Walton,
Bill the Packer, Blue Chips Harry, Brevity Burke, Up Against It Bill, Kid
Riley, Bald Face Kid, Malamute Kid, Hobo Kid, Saucy Kid, Single O Kid, Pick
'Em Up Kid, Savvy Kid, Dago Kid, Pie Face Kid, Moonface Kid, Montana Kid,
Ptarmigan Kid, Pale Face Kid, Crooked Kid, Yellow Kid, Blizzard Kid,
Flowery Kid, Parrot Kid, Butt In Kid, Gi' Me Kid, Curly Kid, Bonanza Kid,
Devil Kid, In and Out Kid, Evaporated Kid, Silent Kid, Clear Kid, Cross
Port Kid, Sheeny Kid, Hungry Kid, Blow Back Kid, Liverpool Kid, French Kid,
El Paso Kid, Information Kid, Nannygoat Kid, Norwegian Kid, Hot Cake Kid,
Skagit Kid, Swiveled Eye Kid, Tripe Faced Kid, Jew Jake, Copper River Kid,
The Senator, Kangaroo Jack, Missouri Bill, Old Sleuth Dick, Shanghai Huber,
Roulette Joe, Economic Willie, Leo the Nonpareil.


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