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> On Aug 14, 2019, at 8:12 PM, Dan Goncharoff <thegonch at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> How does one get the moniker "Leo the Nonpareil”??

Well, I’m sure Leo’s mother warned him that if he ate too many of those little candies...
> On Wed, Aug 14, 2019, 6:07 PM Jonathan Lighter <wuxxmupp2000 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> 1921 Cordova [Alaska] Daily Times (Apr. 16) 6:
>> In the following list of names, applied to well known characters of the
>> early days in the Yukon and in Alaska, old-timers in Cordova will probably
>> find many familiar soubriquets:
>> Tommy the Goat, Jimmy the Wheel, Tommy the Skunk, Swiftwater Bill, Policy
>> Bob, Sawdust King, Possible Straight Kid, Deal Mike, Slivers, Spider,
>> Brownie, Dutch Pete, The Big Moose, Little Reader, Weary Willie, Gypsy Joe,
>> Jimmie Craps, Jack the Ripper, White Sock Willie, Billy the Horse, Nigger
>> Jim, Bronco Bill, Bunch Grass Bill, Idaho Bill, Kamoka Bill, Windy Bill,
>> Dead Cinch Bill, Coon Skin Bill, Fatty Bill, Caribou Bill, Cherokee Bob,
>> Paganini Pete, Bristol Dick, Missouri Dick, Handsome Harry, Long Poke Dan,
>> Lucky Swede, Swede Sam, Swede Pete, Hoochino Albert, Arkansas Jim, Shorty
>> Butts, Ring Tail Squealer, Kangaroo Jew, Popcorn Jimmie, Cyclone Hanson,
>> Dead Eye Dick, Windy Bob, Pie Faced Patsy, Big Mitt Jack, Soapy Foley,
>> Soapy Smith, Jimmie the Mixer, Trilby Collins, Old Grizzly, Alabama, Twelve
>> to Two, Fifteen to Two, Johnnie Behind the Deuce, Slaughterhouse Mike,
>> Windy Rosie, Chill Dick, One -Suspender Johnnie, Society Jim, Jimmie Spare
>> Ribs, George the Arab, Tom the Turk, Pete the Pig, Fagan the Pig, Hard-Luck
>> Conley, Arizona Charlie, Policy Fred, Yukon Wonder, Dago Joe, Society Red,
>> California Red, One-Eyed Riley, Three-Fingered Bob, Windy Jim, Conversation
>> Clark, Rotten Egg Mike, Hunyadi Water Dave, Austrian Joe, Slim Jim, Cactus
>> Jim, The Big Native Son, Tommy the Rat, Puddin' Head, Oregon Jew, The Big
>> Chief, Curly Judd, Walla Walla Smith, Flying Dutchman, One-Armed Jake, Oom
>> Paul, Honest Mose, Peg-Legged Jack, Bill the Hop Fiend, Boozington Charlie,
>> Old Bilsy Blingtum, Billy Goat Judge, Hokey Pokey Smith, Senator Walton,
>> Bill the Packer, Blue Chips Harry, Brevity Burke, Up Against It Bill, Kid
>> Riley, Bald Face Kid, Malamute Kid, Hobo Kid, Saucy Kid, Single O Kid, Pick
>> 'Em Up Kid, Savvy Kid, Dago Kid, Pie Face Kid, Moonface Kid, Montana Kid,
>> Ptarmigan Kid, Pale Face Kid, Crooked Kid, Yellow Kid, Blizzard Kid,
>> Flowery Kid, Parrot Kid, Butt In Kid, Gi' Me Kid, Curly Kid, Bonanza Kid,
>> Devil Kid, In and Out Kid, Evaporated Kid, Silent Kid, Clear Kid, Cross
>> Port Kid, Sheeny Kid, Hungry Kid, Blow Back Kid, Liverpool Kid, French Kid,
>> El Paso Kid, Information Kid, Nannygoat Kid, Norwegian Kid, Hot Cake Kid,
>> Skagit Kid, Swiveled Eye Kid, Tripe Faced Kid, Jew Jake, Copper River Kid,
>> The Senator, Kangaroo Jack, Missouri Bill, Old Sleuth Dick, Shanghai Huber,
>> Roulette Joe, Economic Willie, Leo the Nonpareil.
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