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 carjack (v) - OED has 1991.
Previously discussed:

_Lincoln [NE] Star_ 31 Aug 1978 p 12 col 3
"He gets carjacked (that's skyjacking on the ground) by notorious criminal Claude Russo and watches as the fiend is gunned down."

carjacking (n) OED has 16 Sep 1970
_St. Petersburg [FL] Times_ 8 Aug 1970 p 10 col 2
"It all conjures up a nightmarish picture of traffic jams in the sky, 500 mile races around artificial clouds and car-jackings to Cuba."

The OED has several senses of "black art", but not this one:

black art (noun) - a theatrical or conjuring technique to make objects or people appear to be invisible, by covering them with black material and placing them in front of a black background

[_Milwaukee Journal_ 17 Dec 1887 p 2 col 3
"In Black Art the stage is darkened and draped in black velvet.  Herrmann then summons forth Mephistopheles, then angels, skeletons, spirit hands, chairs, etc."]

H. J. Burlingame, _Leaves from Conjurers' Scrap Books_ Chicago: Donohue, Henneberry & Co, 1891. p. 45.
"Their leading sensational feat during the last year has been that of causing the instantaneous disappearance of a live horse, which is accomplished through that mysterious medium called "Black Art." "

_Variety_ 27 Sep 1932 p 41 col 2
"Technique is that of the old 'black art,' support coming from a third handler masked entirely in black and invisible, but the effect is striking."

_Minneapolis Star_  5 June 1939 p  18 col 1
"Illusions like this depend upon black backgrounds and trick lighting - called "black art." "

black art (attributive)

_Mahatma_  Oct 1895, p 4 col 2
"Herrmann always gave the best rendering of the "Black Art" idea."

_Conjurer's Monthly Magazine_ June 1908 p. 300 col 2
"Chung Ling Soo said he himself used a table with a Black Art well for vanishing a glass of water thirty years ago, at which time this was a popular custom among conjurers in America."

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