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Wed Aug 21 20:38:00 UTC 2019

OED SF project has 1957

"Gulf" by Robert Heinlein _Astounding Science Fiction_ v44n3 Nov 1949 p. 74 col 2
"The corridor ahead and a turn to the left should bring him to the quick-drop shaft."

"Troubleshooter" by Charles Eric Maine  _Nebula Science Fiction_ (UK) v2n3 Feb 1954   p. 31
"Funny thing -- but that was the last and only memory that seemed to be present in his mind -- the background of the college, the intensive training, the simulated free-fall flights in the drop-shaft, the tests and examinations."

"The Long Way Home" by Poul Anderson _Astounding Science-Fiction_ v55n3 May 1955 p. 119 col 1
"Down a drop-shaft, falling like autumn leaves, Chanthavar testing each exit as he passed it."

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