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Frederic Jameson wrote in "Future City," New Left Review 21 (May-June 2003) page 76:
“Someone once said that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism. We can now revise that and witness the attempt to imagine capitalism by way of imagining the end of the world.”
Here is a possibility of what he was (approximately) remembering. Identity and Difference, ed. Kathryn Woodward (1997) chapter 6, "Diaspora and the Detours of Identity" by Paul Gilroy, page 338, about Bob Marley:

"Are we prepared now, so many years after his death [in 1981] and mystification, to set aside the new forms of minstrelsy obviously promoted under the constellation of his stardom and see him as a world figure whose career traversed continents and whose revolutionary political stance won adherents because of its ability to imagine the end of capitalism as readily as it imagined the end of the world?"

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