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Wed Aug 28 22:58:43 UTC 2019

I see an article on the same Brooklyn bar was translated and posted in Japanese, so the phrases, “Beer ATM” “Pizza ATM” and “Big Mac ATM”  do appear in a Japanese text. But so far I can’t find any examples of a food-dispensing machine called an ATM on Japanese sites that is not a translation from English.

https://www.cosmopolitan.com/food-cocktails/a10022269/beer-atm-randolph-beer/ <https://www.cosmopolitan.com/food-cocktails/a10022269/beer-atm-randolph-beer/>

Here is a “Bia ATM” in Vietnam (facebook page).
https://tinyurl.com/y5p9dg8p <https://tinyurl.com/y5p9dg8p>

> On Aug 28, 2019, at 2:46 PM, ADSGarson O'Toole <adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Thomas R Howell wrote:
>> In Japan, ATM  refers only to machines which provide access
>> to the user’s bank account, to get cash, transfer money, etc.
>> Vending machines, and machines in restaurants in which the
>> customer buys a ticket to pay ( to prevent the food preparers
>> from having to handle money with their hands) are not called
>> ATMs.  Although Japanese refer to ATMs (ay-tayee-aymu, ay
>> as in “hay”), most don’t know what the  abbreviation refers to
>> (auto-teller machine).
> Thanks for your insights, TRH. It looks like the message using the
> phrase "ramen ATM" on the mouthfulsfood.com forum was written by an
> English speaker communicating with other English speakers. The profile
> of Orik who wrote the note says he is male, but it doesn't indicate
> his nationality. Orik talks about food in New York in other messages,
> and he may be American, I am not sure.
> Since Japan has so many vending machines I hypothesized that an
> English-speaking tourist would call one of the vending machines an
> ATM.
> LH's remark suggests that searching for "beer ATM" might yield
> something interesting. There certainly are some matches in recent
> years in the U.S.
> Article: This Bar in Brooklyn Has a Beer ATM
> Date: JULY 28, 2017
> [Begin excerpt]
> People are obsessed with convenience.
> They want everything right now. No waiting. It seems like your can get
> everything from an ATM these days: cash, cupcakes, pizza. And now:
> beer.
> [End excerpt]
> Garson
>>> On Aug 28, 2019, at 5:04 AM, ADSGarson O'Toole <adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
>>> Japan is famous for having a wide variety of vending machines. I found
>>> a message in a forum that referred to a "ramen ATM", i.e., a
>>> vending-type machine for ramen noodles. The date on the forum post was
>>> 2005. Since the date was on the website itself the accuracy is
>>> uncertain. Someone created a Wayback Machine snapshot, but the
>>> snapshot date is 2015 (rather late).
>>> I looked at some articles and YouTube videos about automated systems
>>> for ordering ramen noodles. It seems that older systems enable a
>>> customer to order and purchase the noodles. However, the noodles are
>>> not cooked within the vending machine. Instead, the customer is given
>>> a ticket which is relayed to a cook who creates the noodle dish in a
>>> conventional restaurant kitchen. Full-fledged ramen noodle vending
>>> machines exist, but I do not know when they were introduced.
>>> The term "ramen ATM" is surrounded by quotation marks in the excerpt below.
>>> Forum Website: mouthfulsfood.com
>>> Forum Participant: Orik
>>> Message Timestamp on Website: 13 July 2005 - 09:33 PM
>>> Topic: Tokyo Restaurants
>>> http://mouthfulsfood.com/forums/index.php/topic/4314-tokyo-restaurants/page-2
>>> [Begin excerpt]
>>> I think they had an English menu. In some Ramen shops you make your
>>> purchase using a "ramen ATM", which is normally in Japanese only. You
>>> can try and memorize the letters for the differnt types, or you can
>>> use prices from www.worldramen.net as reference (typically each item
>>> is priced differently).
>>> [End excerpt]
>>> Here is a link to the Wayback Machine snapshot of October 4, 2015
>>> https://web.archive.org/web/20151004143532/http://mouthfulsfood.com/forums/index.php/topic/4314-tokyo-restaurants/page-2
>>> Here is a link to a website about a "Pizza ATM". The phrase is a
>>> registered trademark.
>>> http://pizzaatmllc.com/
>>> Here is another somewhat recent example:
>>> Article: Food ATMs Could Be The Evolution Of Fast Food
>>> Date: February 10, 2017
>>> Author: Curiosity Staff
>>> https://curiosity.com/topics/food-atms-could-be-the-evolution-of-fast-food-curiosity/
>>> [Begin excerpt]
>>> What if instead of getting a dry bag of pretzels out of a vending
>>> machine, you could get a juicy hamburger? If this is what your
>>> gluttonous dreams are made of, you're in luck. Fast food is getting
>>> even faster as it moves towards unmanned ATMs for cupcakes, pizza, and
>>> other delights.
>>> [End excerpt]
>>> Garson
>>> On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 6:04 AM David Metevia <djmetevia at chartermi.net> wrote:
>>>> An interesting use of ATM in a recent Atlas Obscura post (
>>>> https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/worlds-first-salmon-atm):
>>>> "In January of 2019, a new ATM was unveiled in Singapore’s Wisteria
>>>> shopping mall. Instead of cash, however, this machine dispenses 200-gram
>>>> fillets of frozen salmon from the fjords of Norway. Today, dozens of salmon
>>>> ATMs dot the island city-state."
>>>> Further,
>>>> "The company decided on Singapore because of the country’s vending-machine
>>>> culture (Singaporean machines vend everything from ice cream to luxury
>>>> cars) and affection for Norwegian salmon
>>>> <https://www.intrafish.com/marketplace/1792764/meet-the-man-behind-the-norwegian-salmon-atms>.
>>>> "
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