[Ads-l] Saying: Milestones in the life of a woman

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Tue Dec 17 16:52:31 UTC 2019

There is an old-fashioned saying about the stages of a woman's life
which has been attributed to the singer Sophie Tucker and the novelist
Kathleen Norris. Both Ralph Keyes and Fred Shapiro have examined this
saying. It is listed in a variety of references, e.g.,  The Cynic's
Lexicon, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, Bloomsbury Dictionary of
Quotations, Encarta Book of Quotations, Oxford Dictionary of Humorous
Quotations, The Yale Book of Quotations, and The Quote Verifier. Now
there is an entry on the QI website:

>From 40 to 60, She Needs Personality. And From Then on She Needs Cash

The citations begin in October 1935 which antedates citations located
by previous researchers.


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