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Within the last 18 hours I came across two articles - one from British GQ
and one from CNN - that utilize portmanteau of "restaurant" and something
else. The British piece is several months old but I don't think either of
these is the author's coinage, even though both put the term in quotation
marks (at least, initially).

I haven't done the background on these - just reacted to seeing two of them
in close proximity. There may be others.



The rise of 'grocerants': Grocery stores that cook you dinner - CNN


For decades, grocery stores have included hot food and salad bars, delis
and sandwich stations. But in recent years, many grocers have started
adding sit-down restaurants, food halls and craft beer on tap, giving rise
to the term "grocerants."

"The grocerant game is something that almost every retailer with larger
stores should be playing," said Diana Sheehan, vice president at marketing
research firm Incontext Solutions. "Restaurants have become one of the most
successful ways for retailers to stand apart."

Bagatelle London: Inside the rise of the clubstaurant | British GQ


It wasn’t the first to marry the traditional restaurant experience with a
club or party atmosphere (let’s call it a “clubstaurant”), but the concept
has certainly refined what steak joint STK started over ten years ago, also
in Manhattan (essentially sticking a DJ into a slick
restaurant-meets-lounge). Fast-forward to 2019 and a new wave of
restaurants providing all-out extravaganzas has hit the capital.
Clubstaurants are simply the loudest, brashest realisation of a wider
movement towards what the industry is calling “performative dining”.

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