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OED has it from 1941.

to meet cute: (in filmmakers' jargon, of two characters) to have an
accidental meeting which leads to or is followed by romantic involvement.
1941   A. Boucher Case of Solid Key iii. 49   Last night was nice, but this
is today. We met cute, as they say in story conferences; but people don't
live cute.

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> > >
> > > Meet Cute: Accidental/serendipitous introduction or meeting of two
> people leading to a romantic or emotional connection.
> > >
> Older than I would have guessed.
> _Modern Screen_ Feb 1946 p 87 col 1
> "Producers pull it on writers.  'Howdoya get the girl and boy together?
> They gotta meet cute --' "

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