[Ads-l] WOTY 2018 nominations

Hugo hugovk at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 2 12:24:14 UTC 2019

These are all based on words people have been talking about on Twitter the
past year, from 81,695 tweets.

Most of 2016's were related to the US presidential election (bigly,
braggadocious, headass), and many of 2017's also relate to the president
(covfefe, dotard, shitgibbon). Likewise in 2018.

* beclowned
* bombogenesis
* catastrofuck
* chucklefuck
* clackwanker
* councel
* dipshittery
* fucksicle
* fuckwangled
* kakistocracy
* peoplekind
* shithole
* stan
* toxic
* trumpfuckery
* wankpuffin

These are all sourced from analysis of three Twitter bots which have been
collecting words from Twitter since 2013. They've looked for certain
sentences and extracted the X.

* @lovihatibot -- "I love/hate the word X"
* @nixibot -- "X is not/isn't/ain't a word"
* @favibot -- "X is my new favorite/favourite/fave word"

More info:


The American Dialect Society - http://www.americandialect.org

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