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Sat Jan 19 01:25:05 UTC 2019

There might be a new Ghostbusters movie that would be a sequel to the
first two movies. It would not be a continuation of the 2016 movie.
Some people are calling the proposed film a "deboot" instead of a
"reboot". The term "deboot" can be traced back to the Simpsons,
apparently. Here are some citations:

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David Hunter @ThatHybridGuy
In light of the #Ghostbusters news I’ve come up with a new term.
Deboot: An entry to a franchise that undoes a prior reboot, bringing
things back to a previously-established continuity.
I imagine this term might see further use in the future. I made this.
9:35 PM - 15 Jan 2019
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David Hunter @ThatHybridGuy
...turns out simpsons did it.
9:39 PM - 15 Jan 2019
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Urban Dictionary: deboot

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When a movie undoes another. retcon
>From the Simpsons:

Homer: Wait, you guys saw the new Radioactive man sequel?
Carl: Uh, it's not sequel, it's a reboot.
Lenny: Actually, this one undoes the stuff from the last one, so it's a deboot.
by T1T5McGraw February 04, 2015
[End excerpt]


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