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Parish, James jparish at SIUE.EDU
Sat Jan 26 16:57:23 UTC 2019

Laurence Horn wrote:
> I agree that “me and Laurie’s friend” is fine here (one of Arnold’s Ia 
> forms, which as he notes is “especially frequent” as an option despite 
> raised prescriptive hackles) because Laurie is a lexical noun rather 
> than pronoun, but what if the speaker had just been talking about 
> Laurie and then wanted to introduce the new referent as a friend of 
> her [Laurie] and themself:
> “Me and her friend”?
> “My and her friend”?
> “Her and my friend”?
> “She and I’s friend”?
> “Mine and her(’s) friend”?
> No perfect (or even decent) solution…

I'd most likely go with "My friend and hers", which admittedly sounds a 
little emcee-ish.

Jim Parish

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