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Fri Jun 28 21:31:35 UTC 2019

piqued -> peaked
I have seen this homophone error many times. I can easily imagine it
displacing the "correct" spelling *piqued* soon. (This goes for all forms
of the verb.)
1. It uses a French spelling rarely found in English.
2. It has no other common use or idiom to support it. *American Heritage
Dictionary *(https://www.ahdictionary.com/word/search.html?q=pique) offers
one noun and three verb definitions, this being  v 2:
A state of vexation caused by a perceived slight or indignity; a feeling of
wounded pride.
*tr.v. **piqued, piqu·ing, piques*
*1.* To cause to feel resentment or indignation.
*2.* To provoke; arouse: The portrait piqued her curiosity.
*3.* To pride (oneself): He piqued himself on his stylish attire.


On Thu, Jun 27, 2019, 11:51 AM George Thompson <george.thompson at nyu.edu>

> I will add "As you might expect, my interest was *peaked* when I saw that
> organizations could apply for up to $20,000 in funding for related
> activities."
> From a blog from the Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education,
> Purchase, N. Y.
> The Trump of Doom -- also known as The Dunghill Toadstool.  (Here's a
> picture of his great-grandfather.)
> http://www.parliament.uk/worksofart/artwork/james-gillray/an-excrescence---a-fungus-alias-a-toadstool-upon-a-dunghill/3851

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