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Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> Aisha Moodie-Mills, Advisor for LGBT Policy & Racial Justice at the Center
> for American Progress, on CNN:
> "And so, getting distracted byt hese sidebars about the color of someone's
> skin and what that means about how they're going to represent America, is
> kind of foolhearted. And I think that it's kind of playing into the
> opposition's strategy."

The OED does not list "foolhearted". Of course, it has many citations
for "foolhardy".

Merriam-Webster does have a pertinent entry:
[Begin excerpt]
foolhearted adjective
: having the heart of a fool : FOOLISH
[End excerpt]

Wikitionary has an entry, but the citation section is empty.

Here is a citation in 1844. I only glanced at the 1800s in Google
Books, so I am sure this can be antedated.

Year: 1844
Title: Noah: or, Church and Crown; a Politico-Religious Poem in Four Books
Quote Page 132

[Begin excerpt]
“Hold, hold! fool-hearted woman!” Odin cries,
If Noah's slain, then I shall be a king!—
[End excerpt]


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