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It should be kept in mind that many of the subway lines in the NYC outer
boroughs are based on older rail lines, and some of the signage might have
carried over.

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> >Subway stations in Brooklyn (at least some of them) still have signs
> >over the stairway up or down to the Manhatten-bound train as "To City".
> >I always assumed these stations (like the one in Boro Park that was my
> >local stop) pre-dated Brooklyn's becoming part of the larger New York
> >City in1898.  Brooklyn still calls itself  "America's 4th Largest City".
> >It's not surprising that even in our adult life-time Manhattan is
> >considered The City by Brooklynites.
> >
> >I wonder about Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island inhabitants - do they
> >also consider Manhattan The City?
> Brooklyn became merged with Manhattan into New York City in 1898.  The New
> York subway system first opened in 1904, although the "El" dates back to
> 1868.
> A friend who was a college student in New York told me about a subway
> station somewhere in the Bronx that IIRC directed patrons to their choice
> of "the City" and "gun Hill Road".
> - Jim Landau
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