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There is a problem with medication errors due to drug names that look similar.

from the above Website:
"a number of design techniques have been explored for the purpose of differentiating look-alike drug names. Tall man lettering is one such technique. Tall man lettering, a term coined by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), describes a method for differentiating the unique letter characters of similar drug names known to have been confused with one another. Starting with a drug name printed in lowercase letters, tall man lettering highlights the differences between similar drug names by capitalizing dissimilar letters."

an example (from _Nursing 2019_ Volume 49 number 3 March 2019 page 72) distinguishing migalastat and miglustat can be done as 

migALAstat versus migLUstat.

13,900,000 Google hits for "tall man lettering

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