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The snow monsters of Japan have caught the attention of CNN. I suspect they are rime with snow on top. According to Wikipedia (https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%A8%B9%E6%B0%B7), this phenomenon is called “soft rime” in English, defined on the World Meteorological Organization at https://cloudatlas.wmo.int/soft-rime.html. 

Exploring Japan's spectacular 'snow monsters’
Updated 12 Feb 2019
Karla Cripps

It's a common reaction among those first encountering the legendary "snow monsters" of Zao Onsen -- or "juhyo" in Japanese.

The article, however, describes the phenomenon as “snow.” The Smithsonian Magazine provides a better description.

Arboreal ‘Snow Monsters’ Overrun Northern Japan Every Winter
Jane Recker
25 Jan 2019
Intense, relentless Siberian winds blow clouds and fog over the region’s native Maries’ fir trees, enveloping them in a thick, granular coating of ice called rime. The result: Once-verdant forests are transformed into throngs of “snow monsters,” or “juhyo,” as they’re called in Japan.

No description in this article from last year which references the CNN article from this year.
These 'Snow Monsters' Come to Life Every Winter in Japan — and They'll Keep You Company While You Ski
Stacey Leasca
14 Nov 2018
According to CNN, the snowy monsters, known as juhyo, are the result of the region’s harsh weather system.

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