[Ads-l] Request verification in Rolling Stone magazine - Quote: Somebody needs to do something - it=?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=99s_?=just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us. Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

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Sorry, in my previous message I left out the link to youtube. I've
added it below:

[ref] YouTube video, Title: Grateful Dead Press Conference,
Uploaded on Oct 28, 2010,
Uploaded by: EverythingMustGoFilm,
Description: Press conference of Grateful Dead members held at United
Nations in New York
on September 13, 1988. (Location and date from superimposed text on video).
Description from uploader: Clip from Len Dell'Amico's personal collection.
Quotation begins: 0 minutes 47 seconds of 2 minutes 22 seconds.
(Accessed on youtube.com on March 23, 2019)[/ref]


[Begin audio track excerpt]
Jerry Garcia:
Somebody has to do something. It seems
incredibly, in, in fact, it seems pathetic
that it has to be us, you know.
[End excerpt]


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