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No doubt a word used only by forensic featherologists* is one that's
current in a pretty small community, but should we pass judgement on that
basis?  I think not.
* They call themselves forensic ornithologists, and they study the remains
of birds that have struck airplanes.


After damage to the jet’s wing and an emergency landing, an Air Force
mechanic sampled a greasy smear near the damage. The smear, which was made
of blood, fat and microscopic bits of feather is what forensic
ornithologists like to call “snarge.”

“It’s snargy stuff,” Dove says, adding that term was invented in the lab to
describe tissue samples that resemble snot and garbage. “When a bird smacks
into an airplane, there's some ‘ick’ there. If you can collect that and
send it in, we may be able to get species-level identifications using DNA

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