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Metaphor, yes. I thought it might be interesting (perhaps not) for including "not so shaggy" which does several times appear, admittedly later, with shaggy dog stories.
Maybe comparable (or not) with posted "bear stories" or maybe ones about the fish that got away (told but undercut?).

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I read the metaphor as a simple comparison of him to a dog that is literally shaggy, not an allusion to a  "shaggy dog story."
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My apology for repeating JL's find.
Here's a Jan. 21, 1887 use in The Evening Gazette, Monmouth, Illinois, p. 3=
 col. 2, with an image of a balding man:

....the usual view [of Republican leader] Tom Reed of Maine. Reed is a big =
Newfoundland dog in general appearance and manner, save that he is not so s=
haggy and hairy as he should be to make the metaphor precise.....

S. Goranson


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