[Ads-l] Word: blurse - a combination blessing and curse

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Sat Nov 9 22:43:35 UTC 2019

Popular YouTuber PewDiePie recently created  video with the title
"Blursed images is HILARIOUS". Images from the subreddit "Blursed
Images" were discussed during the video. Here are two citations.

Year: 1999 (1998 Copyright)
Book title: Zombie Lover
Author: Piers Anthony
Quote Page 125
Publisher: A Tor Book: Tom Doherty Associates, New York
Database: Google Books Preview

[Begin excerpt]
"Pay what?"
"The thumb tax, of course. One blurse for each thumb."
"Don't you know anything? A blessing-curse. Blurse."
[End excerpt]

Year: 1994 (GB date may be inaccurate)
Book Title: Bohemia: Digging the Roots of Cool
Author: Herbert Gold
Quote Page 57 (GB)
Publisher: Touchstone: Simon and Schuster, New York
Database GB snippet match. (Metadata may be inaccurate; search for
1994 yields snippet that says "First Touchstone Edition 1994" which is
good supporting evidence for the year)

[Begin excerpt]
A gypsy legend, which I heard as a teenage runaway among carnival
people, explains to interested parties that Jesus spied the gypsy in
the crowd along the Via Dolorosa who had forged the nails for his
cross and pronounced upon him an ambiguous blurse, a combination
blessing and curse: Because you made the nails with which I am
crucified, you must wander the earth until my return.
[End excerpt]


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