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DARE has a related sense:

4 come + (a number of years): To approach, be close to.

  *   1931-33 LANE Worksheets<https://www.daredictionary.com/bibliography?letterHeading=L#bibl_13493> nwCT,<https://www.daredictionary.com/search?f_0=reglabel&q_0=nwCT> He’s coming three.
  *   Ibid nwRI,<https://www.daredictionary.com/search?f_0=reglabel&q_0=nwRI> He’s coming three in December.
  *   1942 Perry Texas<https://www.daredictionary.com/bibliography?letterHeading=P#bibl_7415> 91, He was a big bay, coming four years old.
  *   Ibid 136, We frequently refer to our children not as being, say, six years old, but as “coming seven.”
  *   1949 Guthrie Way West<https://www.daredictionary.com/bibliography?letterHeading=G#bibl_5578> 8 (as of 1847), I was just thinkin’. Got a girl comin’ seventeen myself.
  *   1949 PADS<https://www.daredictionary.com/bibliography?letterHeading=A#bibl_13400> 11.5 wTX,<https://www.daredictionary.com/search?f_0=reglabel&q_0=wTX> Coming twenty (eighteen, etc.). . . Approaching an age of twenty (eighteen, etc.). Common in talking of the age of animals. “That horse is six, coming seven in the Spring.”
  *   1954 Harder Coll.<https://www.daredictionary.com/bibliography?letterHeading=H#bibl_5681> cwTN<https://www.daredictionary.com/search?f_0=reglabel&q_0=cwTN>, That old mule’s coming twenty if he’s a day old.
  *   c1960 Wilson Coll.<https://www.daredictionary.com/bibliography?letterHeading=W#bibl_9019> csKY<https://www.daredictionary.com/search?f_0=reglabel&q_0=csKY>, Coming twenty (or some other age). . . About to be, especially of animals.

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