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The mention of tails led me to look for some other citations referring
to tails. Here is "long-tailed Ching-a-ring-tingus" in 1861 and
"long-tailed Ching Chongs" In 1884.

Date: June 8, 1861
Periodical: All the World Round: A Weekly Journal
Article: Chinese Slaves Adrift
Quote Page 249
Published: Messrs. Chapman and Hall, London
Database: HathiTrust


[Begin excerpt]
Climbing the hill, I found on its top an American surgeon, serving as
the bar-keeper, and residing there with no comrades but the Chinamen,
or, as he called them, the long-tailed Ching-a-ring-tingus. The place,
he said, was right enough as long as there were no typhoons.
[End excerpt]

Date: July 1884
Periodical: Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science
Article: Dick
Start Page 67, Quote Page 70
Publisher: J. B. Lippincott & Company
Database: HathiTrust


[Begin excerpt]
“Of course; that was the proper thing to do,” said Dick, much pleased.
“Here’s a purchaser for you. Let me have it. On no account must it
fall into the hands of those long-tailed Ching Chongs.”
[End excerpt]


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> I would think this is crude onomatopoeia for what westerners thought they
> were hearing, just like with Hottentot, barbar[ian]/Berber, etc.
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