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>maybe scrapnel is just Nordic shrapnel (from the Battle of Skreveport).

Excellent point! There's one minor error - well, disagreement: in Texas,
it's known as the "Battle of Marshall[, Texas]." Apparently, the battle
took place somewhere in the approx. 35 miles that separate Marshall from
Skreveport and which locality was really the site of the battle depends
upon who's writing the history.
Little-known fact, there being few who care: Marshall, this writer's
birthplace, is the seat of Harrison County, the center of slavery in Texas.
>From 44% to 58% - again, depending upon the historian - of all Texas slaves
were held in Harrison County.
<end quote>

Mr. Gray, I'm afraid most of the ADS listmembers are not familiar with the strange history of Marshall and Harrison County.  Let's see how many can answer the following:

1.  How did Marshall TX get to become the capital of Missouri?

2.  What did a certain female impersonation in St. Louis have to do with the preceding?

3.  Why did the Union army, in the Red River expedition of 1864, try to invade Harrison County?

4.  Why were there as many as 8,746 slaves in Harrison County?  

5.  What did the city of Shreveport, Louisiana, have to do with the size of the slave population in Harrison County.

6.  The anti-Reconstruction whites managed to take control of Harrison County in 1880 on what "technicality"?

7.  What distinction does the Marshall US Post Office have?

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