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Cf. the book-title,
White Privilege: Jank or Injustice?: Little Language Lexicon of How ...
https://books.google.com › books
S.G. Brown - 2018 - ‎Education

Unfortunately, the book does not define _jank_.

I'm familiar with _jank_ only as the alternate name used for the joker in
various versions of the card-game, whist. in which it is the most powerful
card, more powerful than the most powerful "cutter" or trump-card. I once
hypothesized that _jank_ might be a BE variant of "jinx," since the joker
is a jinx for whoever - or should that be "whomever"? - isn't holding it.
However, I have never heard _jinx_ pronounced as "jank" by anyone. either
in the wild or on a record.
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come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
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