[Ads-l] Generification of "skype lesson" in the context of teaching via videoconference in coronavirus times

Mark Mandel markamandel at GMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 1 00:48:52 UTC 2020

What I hear/see being used is "Zoom meeting [or other appropriate noun]".
My synagogue and other groups that I follow are using Zoom.


On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 1:58 PM Chris Waigl <chris at lascribe.net> wrote:

> I just had an exchange with a musician about taking a musical instrument
> lesson remotely. We had been discussing what I thought we both referred to
> as "Skype lessons". Once we agreed on a time, he wrote me this:
> """"
> By the way, just so you know I used Facebook Messenger recently for a skype
> lesson and it worked pretty well. We'll try Skype and if it gives us issues
> we can always switch to Facebook.
> """"
> This is an educated and well-travelled native speaker of American English
> from, and living in, Western North Carolina. I don't know his age, but I'd
> guess, late thirties or forties.
> I think we'll see this more in this subset of the educational world:
> individual instrument lessons being taught via the internet.
> Chris
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