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- While wandering through the Web, looking for information on a book called A
Surgical Temptation: The Demonization of the Foreskin and the Rise of
Circumcision in Britain, I came upon the following, at the website
is an intactivist?

in·tac·tiv·ist [in-tak-tuh-vist]

1. an especially active, vigorous advocate of children's rights, especially
the right to genital integrity or the right to be free from genital cutting

2. of or pertaining to intactivism or intactivists: an intactivist
organization for the right of male, female, and intersex children to be
free from genital cutting.

3. advocating for children by vigorously opposing genital cutting
(circumcision), especially the cutting of children who lack capacity to
consent: Intactivist opponents of the American Academy of Pediatrics
picketed their annual conference in New Orleans.

GAT, who has always found his own foreskin to be as useful as it is

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