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Here is translation of the key statement that is probably superior:
"What makes the greatness of the British Isles here is that the good
men have the same audacity as the scoundrels"

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> David Daniel (DAD) wrote:
> > There's a message going round the internet that claims to be a Disraeli
> > quote. Thing is, it's in Portuguese. It translates as "The moment demands
> > that good men have the audacity of scoundrels." I can't find anything even
> > similar. Does someone out there (Mr. O'Toole perhaps) have info about this?
> Circa 1963 a thematically matching quotation was attributed to
> Disraeli. The quotation was in Portuguese and the setting was Brazil.
> Since I do not know Portuguese I relied on the Google Translator
> during this preliminary search.
> I was unable to find a substantive match in English attributed to
> Disraeli using keywords "audacity" and  "scoundrel". There is a
> thematic match in English in 1935.
> Year: 1963
> Title: Anais da Câmara dos Deputados
> Volume 12
> Contributor: Brazil. Congresso Nacional. Câmara dos Deputados
> Publisher: Departamento de Imprensa Nacional
> Quote Page 196
> Database: Google Books (This is raw metadata from GB; inaccuracies are common)
> [Begin extracted text from GB]
> Mas preste atenção o afoito Deputado a esta frase de Disraeli que já
> repeti em sua terra numa cadeia de 77 estações de rádio e de televisão
> e que também é aplicável ao Brasil: "O que faz a grandeza das Ilhas
> Britânicas, é que aqui os homens de bem têm a mesma audácia dos
> canalhas"
> [End extracted text from GB]
> [Begin Google Translation]
> But pay attention to the daring Deputy to this phrase from Disraeli
> that I have already repeated in your country on a chain of 77 radio
> and television stations and that is also applicable to Brazil: "What
> makes the greatness of the British Isles, is that here men well they
> have the same audacity as scoundrels"
> [End Google Translation]
> Year: 1935
> Title: Mirabeau
> Author: Evarts Seelye Scudder
> Publisher: Arthur Barker, London (data from WorldCat)
> Quote Page 222
> Database: Google Books (This is raw metadata from GB; inaccuracies are common)
> [Begin extracted text from GB]
> “Nothing will save us,” he wrote, “except a plan that amalgamates the
> combinations of the statesman and the resources of intrigue, the
> courage of great citizens and the audacity of scoundrels. We need a
> sort of political pharmacy in which the ...
> [End extracted text from GB]
> Garson

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