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Laurence Horn wrote:
> Two meanings.  One is ‘to be confined by the pandemic’ or ‘to spend the pandemic’

Here is a Jan 25, 2020 tweet together with a reply containing the
phrase "pandemicked in". The sense appears to match: confined due to a

Tweet From: Mike @FuctupMike
Tweet Timestamp: 10:56 PM · Jan 25, 2020
[Begin tweet body]
I should make a beer run.
[End tweet body]

Tweet From: Trump Loyalist Mueller (pro-hoarding) @jdirt2004
Tweet Timestamp: 10:59 PM · Jan 25, 2020
[Begin tweet body]
We're about to be pandemicked in for a few weeks.
[End tweet body]

Urban Dictionary has a definition for pandemicking.

[Begin Urban Dictionary excerpt]
The act of shopping or otherwise preparing for a pandemic, but doing
so in a too-late stressed-out manner, thus not getting much and
further contributing to the chaos.
I had better get to the store before the pandemicking starts
by Levisan March 16, 2020
[End Urban Dictionary excerpt]

There are tweets in 2014 containing "pandemicking" although the
meaning is not very clear (to me).


Continuation of LH message below:
> “As new information comes in, we update our priors all the time,” said Susan Holmes, a Stanford statistician, via unstable internet from rural Portugal, where she unexpectedly pandemicked for 105 days, while visiting her mother.
> https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/04/science/coronavirus-bayes-statistics-math.html
> That inspired me to google “pandemicked”, since the past tense or participle would eliminate the much more prevalent noun lemma.  And that’s where the other meaning of “pandemicked” comes in:
> ‘To be canceled or otherwise affected by the pandemic’
> As in “What to do if your wedding has been pandemicked”
> I’m not sure how frequent this meaning of “pandemic” as a transitive verb would be, since the only plausible subject would be the pandemic itself.  Maybe “Covid-19 pandemicked my school”?
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