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Below is a 2010 example in which "You're Welcome" was employed with
great hostility.

Michael Arrington, who founded TechCrunch, was asked to publish a
piece about a forthcoming book covering Facebook. He was supposed to
link to an article containing book excerpts located on the Fortune.com
website. Arrington thought he was supposed to copy the excerpts, but
the managing editor of Fortune.com became angry and told Arrington
that he was not supposed to copy the excerpts. He was only supposed to
use excerpts from the excerpts. A lawsuit was threatened.

Arrington responded by writing an article titled "You're Welcome, You Bastards".

Website: TechCrunch
Article: Title: You're Welcome, You Bastards
Article Author: Michael Arrington
Article Date: May 13, 2010
Article: Timestamp: 3:19 pm EDT


[Begin excerpt]
A week ago we posted two excerpts from Fortune columnist David
Kirkpatrick’s new book The Facebook Effect. We’re big fans of
Kirkpatrick and have been following his book progress since last year.
When Fortune’s PR department called to ask us to print the excerpts,
we quickly agreed.
. . .
Pure, unadulterated stupidity.

The next time someone asks us for a favor, we’re less likely to do it
given how this turned out. Hopefully, if you’re the one asking, you’ll
understand. I want to help you, really, but you may just be too stupid
to accept it without threatening to sue me later. You’ll understand,
I’m sure. Right?
[End excerpt]


On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 7:52 PM Amy West <medievalist at w-sts.com> wrote:
> The 2015 cit, I agree is sarcastic.
> But is the Ice-T one sarcastic or what I would call "anticipatory."?
> (expressing "You should thank me.")
> ---Amy West
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> > Subject: sarcastic "You're welcome."
> >
> > I've been hearing this more and more.  Ex.: Ice-T does a TV commercial
> > advising that you need car-repair insurance.  At the end, though no one's
> > said "Thank you," he says flatly,"You're welcome."  The first few times I
> > saw this, I thought it was an off-putting way to end a commercial.  The
> > phrase has been deleted in recent runs of the ad.
> >
> > Earliest I've noted. (Sheer chance, BTW):   2015
> > http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1502/09/se.01.html   * :*
> >
> > [IRAQ WAR VETERAN:] [Critics] are always going to say something derogatory
> > about somebody else. So, you know, we did what we did for them to be able
> > to...talk their trash, so you're welcome.
> >
> > JL
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