[Ads-l] sarcastic "You're welcome."

Amy West medievalist at W-STS.COM
Sat Aug 22 19:52:17 EDT 2020

The 2015 cit, I agree is sarcastic.

But is the Ice-T one sarcastic or what I would call "anticipatory."? 
(expressing "You should thank me.")

---Amy West

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> Subject: sarcastic "You're welcome."
> I've been hearing this more and more.  Ex.: Ice-T does a TV commercial
> advising that you need car-repair insurance.  At the end, though no one's
> said "Thank you," he says flatly,"You're welcome."  The first few times I
> saw this, I thought it was an off-putting way to end a commercial.  The
> phrase has been deleted in recent runs of the ad.
> Earliest I've noted. (Sheer chance, BTW):   2015
> http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1502/09/se.01.html   * :*
> [IRAQ WAR VETERAN:] [Critics] are always going to say something derogatory
> about somebody else. So, you know, we did what we did for them to be able
> to...talk their trash, so you're welcome.
> JL

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