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Thanks, Ben.  I don't have a copy of Green (I do have HDAS, but as we all know, it stops just short of "P".)
(and I've passed this on to my friend, with hopes that the quote will be sufficient and that she doesn't feel the need to check out the source material . . . )


Green's Dictionary of Slang notes an example in a pornographic "Tijuana
Bible" comic book dated to the mid-1930s.

c.1935 Chris Crusty [comic] ‘H°ya honey.’ ‘Aw go pound sand up yer ass!!’.

The "Chris Crusty" comic is viewable here (with "pound sand" on p. 8):


On Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 10:23 AM Bill Mullins <amcombill at hotmail.com> wrote:

> A friend and I were discussing the subject phrase.  She did not know the
> "pound sand up your ass" variant, and thought it was only "go pound sand".
> OED has what may be a literal "pound sand" in 1857; a figurative in 1905;
> and "up your . . ." in 2004.
> Here it is, elided, in WW2:
> 1943 Baton Rouge Advocate 3 Mar 9/6  "That is because it instills a motive
> to pound sand up the other bloke's back for reasonable cause."
> And ever more bowdlerized, in 1908:
> 1908 St Louis Globe-Democrat 17 Oct (Comic section) 2 "Go pound sand in
> yer ears"
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