[Ads-l] "self-licking ice cream cone"

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Wed Dec 16 22:10:00 UTC 2020

1983 Dallas Morning News 8 Aug 10/4

It's what a friend of mine would liken to a self-licking ice cream cone:  Feed the people propaganda, then when the polls begin to reflect your efforts, use the poll data as substantiation.

See also:  self-licking lollipop

"Tom Goodman VP, Bluefire Security Technologies." Wireless Review, October 1, 2003. Gale General OneFile (accessed December 16, 2020). https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A108544081/ITOF?u=inde80299&sid=ITOF&xid=6968091b.

Goodman admits the private sector security industry can be a bit of a self-licking lollipop - the more vulnerabilities, the better - but not for everyone.

> Re: "Self-licking ice-cream cone" in cited glossary:
> 2020 Rep. Denver Riggleman (R.-Va.) on  _CNN Newsroom_ (Dec. 15):  There's
> a term that we like to use in the military when the confirmation bias got
> exploded...or you have a conclusion that you're trying to fit the narrative
> to it, and that's "a self-lickin' ice-cream cone."
> JL

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