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The query below is from an Algonquianist and my better half … any help would be much appreciated by a whole bunch of people working on this issue! You can respond to her directly.

From: MONICA MACAULAY <mmacaula at wisc.edu>
Date: Sunday, December 27, 2020 at 6:35 PM
To: Joe Salmons <jsalmons at wisc.edu>
Subject: question about neologisms/word formation
My research group is looking at the semantics of word formation in Algonquian languages with an eye to creation of neologisms for language revitalization. I've been trying to do due diligence in a lit search, but am not finding much. (Neologisms in Harry Potter? Neologisms in dentistry? Translation of neologisms? got all that!) Is there any classic (or otherwise) source that would be informative on this topic?

As an example, there's an article by Hinton and Ahlers (1999) where they talk about associated action metonymy - how new words are formed for objects based on an action associated with the object (an example is the word for 'bat' - "at night - it flaps around").

If anyone has any leads, we would greatly appreciate it! Please respond to me (mmacaula at wisc.edu) since I'm not on this list.



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