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More information on the whole topic of “the big apple” may be found in
the book I coauthored with Barry Popik: _Origin Of New York City’s Nickname
“The Big Apple”_, 2nd, revised and expanded edition, (Frankfurt am Main:
Peter Lang Verlag), 2011.

See also Barry Popik’s extraordinary website barrypopik.com .

Gerald Cohen

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> I've been watching old Perry Mason shows. Very cool, as well as
> nostalgia-ridden. Anyway, the episode I'm watching now (air date Nov 15,
> 1958) is about horse racing and Perry is defending a jockey accused of
> murder (of course he didn't do it). So Perry and Paul Drake are talking to
> the trainer who was the jockey's boss, and the trainer is talking about how
> you move up in the racing world. You start off small, etc. etc., and then
> one day you make it to the Big Apple. "The Big Apple?" Perry asks. "Yeah,"
> says the trainer, "Saratoga, Belmont..." meaning the big ones. Perry had
> never heard the term and there is no direct reference to New York, except of
> course that both those tracks are in New York. It's strictly treated as
> racing jargon. (A side note on these shows: I have watched about 45 of them
> now and have yet to see a black actor, not one. Feels very bizarre. Also
> everyone except Della Street is constantly - constantly - smoking.)
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