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> ----
> > I have watched about 45 of them
> > now and have yet to see a black actor, not one.
> To quote my favorite line from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, "What country do you
> think this is?!"
> There was Eddie "Rochester" Anderson on The Jack Benny Show, Willie Best,
> the poor man's Stepin Fetchit, on Father Knows Best, and the black players of
> MLB and of the NFL (one of whom, ironically, was Rochester's son) and the
> CFL. (It may startle some of the younger folk to read this, but Canadian
> football was once a staple of American TV. Any sports-fan of the day could
> tell you who Sam Etcheverry [star, record-setting Basque-American QB of the
> Montreal Alouettes who ended his career with the former St. Louis Football
> Cardinals] was.) Louis Armstrong guest-starred on the Texaco Star Theater,
> Your Show of Shows, Ed Sullivan, etc.  Oh, and there was Mantan Moreland,
> of "Feets, don't fail me, now!" fame, who played "Alabama,"
> Charlie Chan's chauffeur, as seen in TV re-runs of the Chan series.

Perry Mason had a few black actors.

Vince Townsend played a judge, with no speaking lines (thus doesn't appear in the credits or in IMDB) in "The Case of the Skeleton's Closet."  He was a LA County Municipal Judge in real life.

Ivan Dixon (better known for "Hogan's Heroes" was in two episodes. 

Frank Silvera, a mixed-race Jamaican who was said to identify as black, and who was in segregated black units in WW2, was in an episode but played a white character.

Alvin Childress played a janitor in one episode.

Bill Walker plays a night watchman in one episode.

Amanda Randolph played a maid in one episode.

Bobby Johnson was a redcap in an episode.


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