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It is, however, very wide spread. Seems to be primarily millennial servers
(restaurants as well as coffee shops). In Canada as well as the US.

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I dislike this quite a bit, but I hear it in all sorts of situations =
where I=E2=80=99m giving a person, who is working, information.

Made-up examples:
A: What would you like?
B: A latte.
A: Perfect.

C: What day would you be available to come in?
D: Monday.
C: Perfect. And what time?
D: Two.
C: Perfect. We=E2=80=99ll see you then.

At one time, perhaps this really meant =E2=80=9CHey, that works =
perfectly,=E2=80=9D but I do not understand it that way now.

I don=E2=80=99t see this in the OED, Merriam-Webster or Wiktionary.=20

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