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That's true. BTW, are people familiar with the Chan sisters, Meg and
Jennifer? They use their mother's maiden name, Tilly, as their nom du film.
There are many Websites devoted to the revelation of the "polluted"
ancestry of more-or-less public figures. You'd think that such Web pages
would be managed by the KKK. But, in fact, they're run by
couldn't-possibly-be-mistaken-for-white members of the relevant "race," who
have heartily embraced the one-drop rule. (More cultural appropriation!
Won't *nobody* let colored people have *nothing*, just for them!)
Oddly, some racist sites claim that the one-drop rule is a black thang,
thought up for the purpose of claiming more-or-less important, more-or-less
non-black people, e.g.  Barack Obama, Frederick Douglass, Booker T.
Washington, Lena Horne, Thurgood Marshall, Cab Calloway, Mariah Carey,
Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, Johnny Mathis, etc. as "black." However, the
one-drop rule is a logical extension of the law, originally promulgated in
the Virginia Colony, that, if the mother is a slave, then the child is a
slave, regardless of the social and/or the racial status of the father: if
an ancestor was black, then the descendant is black.

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> >
> > > a mixed-race Jamaican who was said to identify as black
> >
> > That's a real thigh-slapper! He didn't "identify as black." _Identify
> as_ makes
> > it seem as though he had a choice! He was either "colored" or a "Negro,"
> as
> > long as he resided in the United States. Indeed, when used in American
> > English, _mixed-race_ is ill-defined. That is, how "mixed" and with what
> > "races" must a person be "mixed," in order to be defined as "mixed-race"?
> > E.g. Keanu Reeves is of European and Asian ancestry. Is he considered
> > "mixed-race" or is he simply "white"? Kenneth Chung of the New England
> > Patriots is a Jamaican of Asian and African ancestry. Is he considered
> "mixed-
> > race" or is he simply "black"? In an interview published in The Boston
> Globe,
> > Jennifer Beals was asked what race she was. She answered to the effect
> > that, if you asked her father that, then she was "black." But, if you
> asked her
> > mother that, then she was "mixed."
> >
> Wilson -- I spent a few minutes trying to figure out the best way to say
> this.  It looks like I could have done better.
> For the purposes of the episode in question, I suppose that Silvera was a
> white guy.  He played a white character.  His features and skin color (as
> least on B&W film stock) are pretty ambiguous -- he played a lot of
> Mexicans and "ethnic" characters.
> https://www.gstatic.com/tv/thumb/persons/21892/21892_v9_ba.jpg
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