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> BTW, I ran into some third-graders recently who were talking about reading
> "chapter books."

a long-standing term of art in the children's literature field, for books intended for intermediate-level readers (roughly 7-10 in age). from OED2 draft additions December 2004:

chapter book  n. ... (b) a children's book with text divided into chapters (opposed to _picture book_).

... 1986 Christian Sci. Monitor 1 Dec. 62/1 I can read. I listened when Mama was teaching Juniper. But I want to read chapter books but they're too hard for me.

2003 Book Mar.–Apr. 36/1 Beverly Cleary's enduring, hilarious Ramona books make great read-alouds for children who are ready to listen to chapter books.

(there's also a Wikipedia article)


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