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A few quotation references state that "The Sun Dial" column of Don
Marquis appeared in "The New York Sun", but various pieces of evidence
indicate that the column actually appeared in "The New York Evening

"The New York Sun" is available via newspapers.com, but I have been
unable to locate "The New York Evening Sun" in an electronic database.
Does any list member know whether the latter newspaper has been

I just posted on the QI website three entries for quotations
attributed to Don Marquis.

If You Make People Think They’re Thinking, They’ll Love You. If You
Really Make Them Think They’ll Hate You

The QI article presents a 1924 citation, but there is a good chance
that Marquis published an earlier instance in "The Sun Dial" column.

When Croesus Tells You He Got Rich Through Hard Work, Ask Him “Whose?”

Barry Popik explored this and presented a 1925 citation. The QI
article begins with a 1921 citation. There might be an earlier
citation in "The Sun Dial" column.

An Idea Isn’t Responsible for the People Who Believe In It

Barry Popik explored this and presented a 1944 citation. The QI
article begins with a 1938 citation. An earlier citation apparently
exists in "The Sun Dial" column.


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