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Great. Thanks for searching, Bill. The match occurs in "The Bowling
Green" column, but the name at the end of the column is very hard to

Luckily, there is a HathiTrust entry for an anthology of material from
"The Bowling Green". The description says, "a column printed on the
editorial page of the New York Evening Post from February 9, 1920, to
December 31, 1923". The author is listed as Christopher Morley, and
that fits the barely legible text.

So this is the citation I've constructed:
[ref] 1923 February 12, New York Evening Post, The Bowling Green by
Christopher Morley, Quote Page 8, Column 4, New York. (Old Fulton)

[Begin excerpt]
As Mr. Don Marquis once wrote (or was it Apollinaris Sidonius?) "If
you make people think they are thinking, they will love you. If you
really make them think, they'll hate you."
[End excerpt]


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> > I just posted on the QI website three entries for quotations attributed to Don
> > Marquis.
> >
> > If You Make People Think They’re Thinking, They’ll Love You. If You Really
> > Make Them Think They’ll Hate You
> > https://quoteinvestigator.com/2019/12/30/make/
> >
> > The QI article presents a 1924 citation, but there is a good chance that
> > Marquis published an earlier instance in "The Sun Dial" column.
> See also NY Evening Post 12 Feb 1923
> https://fultonhistory.com/Newspaper%2011/New%20York%20Evening%20Post/New%20York%20NY%20Evening%20Post%201923%20Grayscale/New%20York%20NY%20Evening%20Post%201923%20Grayscale%20-%201479.pdf
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