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You’re sure the singular isn’t ‘emojus’. Or perhaps ‘emojo’ (an electronic version of mojo, perhaps…)


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> On Jan 9, 2020, at 9:34 PM, James Landau =
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> In today's "WuMo" cartoon, there is a tombstone with the epitaph =
"Always answered a text and never used too many emoji". The cartoon =
seems to imply that "emoji" is either its own plural,

Well, if =E2=80=9Cpanini" can be its own singular (R.I.Panino), no =
reason why =E2=80=9Cemoji" can=E2=80=99t be its own plural. =20

> like "sheep", or that it is a mass noun.

The former seems more likely, since =E2=80=9Can emoji=E2=80=9D is alive =
and well; there=E2=80=99s even a sheep emoji (and no mass emoji). =20


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