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There are some products out there that use “planet” to mean green or vegan. Here are four citations:

https://happyplanet.com/about-us/ <https://happyplanet.com/about-us/> - ethically, sustainably and organically grown foods: Happy Planet Foods, Inc.
https://planetfoods.ca/company/ <https://planetfoods.ca/company/> - natural and organic foods: PlanetFoods
http://ethicaplanetfoods.com/ <http://ethicaplanetfoods.com/> - vegan yogurt: Ethica Planet 
https://hungryplanet.us/#hungryplanet-sausage <https://hungryplanet.us/#hungryplanet-sausage> - vegan: Hungry Planet Beef/Breakfast Sausage Patties/Chicken

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> On 11 Jan 2020, at 09:31, Jeanie Blake <jeanieblake at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> At the convention, plant-based was listed in the MOST USEFUL/MOST LIKELY TO
> SUCCEED category, and someone said the label had been around for years.
> Here’s a new one for me: I recently bought a frozen pizza that didn’t
> mention it was vegetarian. It listed “planet pepperoni” as one of the
> ingredients. (Maybe that doesn’t count since the words are trademarked.)

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